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Project Overview

Welcome to our groundbreaking crypto app, designed to revolutionize the way you engage with digital currencies. Seamlessly blending innovation with user-centric design, our app empowers you to navigate the complexities of the crypto landscape with ease and confidence. From managing your portfolio to staying informed about market trends,
our intuitive interface puts the power of cryptocurrency at your fingertips.

Project Duration

31 Aug 2023 – 16 Oct 2023 (6 Weeks)

Development Stack

Designing Tools

Color Scheme

Development Process

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Goals & Objectives

Decentralized Security

Utilize decentralized technology to ensure the highest level of security and trust in managing digital wealth.

Multiple Currency Support

Integrate the Stellar Protocol to offer a variety of borderless currencies through GWallet with customized anchors.

Stable Coins

Enable the creation, sending, and trading of digital representations of various forms of money using the Stellar platform.

AI-driven Swap Engine (GTracker):

Employ dedicated AI features to analyze and find the best deals available on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX).

Key Features

Decentralized Security
Leveraging decentralized technology, this platform ensures the highest level of security and trust, giving users full control over their digital wealth without the need for intermediaries or centralized authorities.
Comprehensive Currency Support
Offering a diverse range of digital currencies and stable coins via the Stellar Protocol, users can access borderless currencies with ease, facilitating seamless transactions across different financial ecosystems.
AI-driven Swap Engine (GTracker)
Empowering users with a dedicated AI feature, GTracker analyzes market trends and user preferences to identify the most favorable deals on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange (SDEX), enabling efficient currency swaps with optimal outcomes.
Secure P2P Exchange with Escrow
Facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges, this platform provides a secure environment for users to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. With built-in escrow services, transactions are safeguarded, ensuring the integrity of each exchange.
Zakat Integration
Catering to users interested in charitable giving, this platform includes a Zakat feature, allowing individuals to contribute to worthy causes directly through the platform. With the philosophy of "The More You Give, The More You Get," users can experience the rewards of philanthropy while managing their digital wealth.

Client Feedback

Penelope Quinn

CEO of GWallet

Working with Dafi Labs has been an absolute pleasure. Their team displayed an unparalleled level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication throughout our project.

4 Feb,2024

Development Team

Zane Sorell


Enjoys adventurous travel, seeks
new cultures.

Maya Mathy


Pop music lover, seeks joy and exciting pop concerts

Alexis Jensen


Bookworm, creative software developer with precision

Keira Battye

Product Designer

Creative painter capturing beauty with imaginative artwork

Dominic Game

MERN Developer

Football enthusiast, enjoys movie nights with friends

James Vial

Head of Front-End

Culinary artist, explores diverse flavors, skilled in cooking

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